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Welcome to the online bookstore of UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. There are many good children's books about hospitals. Going to the Hospital -This is another wonderful children's book, appropriate for ages 4 to 8. It's bright and cheery and takes some of the fear out of a child's impending hospital visit. Akron Children's Reach Out and Read program is supported entirely by funding from outside sources.

Better yet, create an ongoing partnership so they will regularly set aside books for your group. Gift cards for local retailers can be utilized by many areas to purchase items for supporting the needs of patients and families. In many cases, picture books can help a child look at his hospital stay as more of an adventure The following is a list of popular books that deal with hospital stays for children.

Donated used books are available for the children to read or look at by themselves and also to keep, if they wish. Art work can be created either for within the hospital or for display in the outdoor gardens. Her research led her to something kids of all ages like, superheroes and comic books.

An annual celebration of Family Literacy Day at The Montreal Children's Hospital helps raise family and staff awareness about the importance of literacy. Books with sensitive issues and/or illustrations (such as abuse, death, divorce, holidays, religion, violence, weapons) cannot be distributed at these Reach Out and Read sites.

Click on a topic below to see the recommended books by category. It can be good to own the book, because your child may want to have it read many times. Kids health information fact sheets, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne. It's great to be able to support CHI but we also like that it gives everyone the opportunity to recycle intelligently and easily," said Deb McNeelyGoodell, Senior Administrative Assistant at the 401 Specialty Center.

For a complete list of items most in need and guidelines for donations, please review our Child Life Toy Donations webpage. Whether a child needs a cast for a broken arm or a bioengineered cancer drug, an asthma inhaler or a double lung transplant, these top hospitals have children covered - and then some.

If your child needs a long stay in hospital and has problems adjusting to this, a child psychologist may be able to give helpful advice. Full-color print editions are the norm for children's books, which can mean a significant cost for each book ordered via print-on-demand.
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